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At Granbury Animal Clinic, we understand that regardless of situation, letting go of a pet is never easy.  No two animals are exactly the same and consequently, the circumstances in which their earthly time comes to an end are equally unique.  We strive to do everything in our power to make this time as personal and go as smoothly as possible for you, your pet and your family.  Below is a list of options that we offer regarding this difficult time so you can be prepared to answer any necessary questions when the time comes.

  • Euthanasia-
  1. ​How much does your pet weigh?
  2. Would you like to be present for the procedure?
  3. Do you have a place to bury your pet or do you prefer to have him/her cremated?  (see below for descriptions on cremation options)

  • Cremation- (Granbury Animal Clinic has an on-site crematorium to accomodate this procedure, regardless of which option is chosen)
  1. ​Communal Cremation:  with this option, your pet will be cremated at our facility and we will dispose of the ashes.
  2. Private Cremation:  your pet will be individually cremated and we will prepare his/her ashes in a handcrafted wooden box that will be ready to pick up in 2-3 days.
  3. (Cremation services are available to clients even if a pet is to die of natural causes and the client prefers this method)

  • Large Animal-
  1. ​We offer out-call and or in-clinic services as needed for large animal euthanasia, however, the owner needs to make arrangements for either burial or disposal of remains.  Our office staff can provide you with companies to assist in this process if necessary.

THIS ---->https://granburyanimalclinic.vetmatrixbase.com/patient-center/when-it-s-time-to-let-go....html

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Meet The Team

I love coming to work everyday! Ever since I started working here at Granbury Animal Clinic I have been reading and learning as much as I can about pet health and well being. Now my pets and I are living a healthier life and can pass my knowledge and experience to other families so they too can discover wellness!

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